Brian Chadwell (P.E.)

Hello My Name Is...


       I have been a physical education teacher in CCSD since 2006.  I have been at MLES for the past 7 years.  I love physical education and health.  I run often, enjoy surfing, and play in an adult soccer league.  I spend most of my time with my wife Emily and our two sons, Isaiah (9yr) and Ashton (5yr).  We go to the beach, play sports, and go hiking on the weekends.

       The Murray LaSaine Physical Education curriculum encourages students to learn, over the course of each school year, a variety of important life skills which include movement skills, knowledge, and behavior/social skills. Some of these include: locomotor, non-locomotor, manipulative skills, team-building, social interaction skills, and cognitive concepts linked to fitness, wellness, skill development, and social skills appropriate to each grade/developmental level. 

       At Murray LaSaine I am also the tennis and track and field coach.  Our athletics teams practice after school on Tuesday or Wednesday afternoons.  We have competition during the weekday evening or on Saturdays.  I get pleasure in seeing the students succeed in athletics outside of school as well.